Infrared information emission of the human body
Infrarot-Informations-Strahlung des menschlichen Körpers

Core Radiation Analysing CRA

I am the inventor of the "Core Radiation Analysing" presented in this homepage and I have granted patents in India, China, USA and Germany.
What "Core Radiation Analysing" means?
The origin or source is the inner or core of a living body.
The whole body emits infrared pulses. But you take only the part of self-produced infrared pulses that comes from the inner of the body by using a window of about 10µ before detecting the IR pulses.
When you work with "Artificial Intelligence AI" you take the information only from the border or from the surface and you compare the result with a lot of similar optical appearances. For example, the "Artificial Intelligence" measures the similarity of a human face only by comparing special points of the face with the locally same points of many other faces, for example when you are happy or sad.
On the contrasty when you work with "Core Radiation Analysing" you measure the feeling that comes from the inner of the body. That is the real feeling. As to"Core Radiation Analysing" the kind of feeling corresponds to the pulse frequency of the highest peak in the pulse frequency spectrum. The components which perform this is the parabolic mirror or the tube  of the EPNT (Equipment of Psycho-Neurological Treatment). The parabolic mirror or the tube separate the feelings and thoughts according to the pulse frequency.
There is a third method of measuring feelings: the functional Magnet-Resonance-Technique fMRT. Here the feelings correspond to the distribution of activity zones in the brain.  
The EPNT measures the IR emission at any point of the living body (tube) or from greater regions of the living body or from the whole living body (parabolic mirror). The application field is medical, but also non-medical:
medical applications: depression, concussion of the brain, stroke, cancer, bowels;
non-medical applications: sound of a musical instrument, fantasy, autonomous cars, changing of time-tacting by feelings, measuring of volcanic ash in the air, 2-dimensional lie detector, robot.
When you use AI you work against the future because you produce a lot of CO².
The results of the EPNT are found only by physical methods, not by esoteric methods, because the components of the EPNT are well-known and used in the past only for physical or technical purposes.