Infrared information emission of the human body
Infrarot-Informations-Strahlung des menschlichen Körpers

Curriculum Vitae

                   Experimental Physicist

           Dipl.-Phys. Horst-W. Spechtmeyer




I studied physics at the Technical University in Brunswick /Germany where I made my experimental work, creating a new superconducting bolometer, in the Institute for Experimental Physics. Working in the same room for 2 years, I had many discussions with Klaus v. Klitzing, the Nobel Prize Winner in Physics.

My brother, Prof. Dr. Heinrich Spechtmeyer, a pharmacist and physician, worked at the University of Cologne, at the Mayo Clinic in the USA and at Bayer in Leverkusen.

After the study of physics I begun and ended my industrial career at the companies ITT and ABB working in the development, the quality management and for business and product plans of communication and power cables and accessories.  

Increasing the mental power and nearly isolated, I performed experiments to recognize and influence the type and the strength of feelings and thoughts and created the EPNT (Equipment for Psycho-Neurological Treatment). I made more than 3000 experiments in more than 12 years of research by examining my own diseases or feelings or thoughts and those of my family and friends.